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Rehab, 2018
installation on wall, 240 cm x 480 cm
wallpaper, photographic prints and neon sign

The short project ‘Rehab’ was commisioned for the Somfy Photography Award. After the Bad Trip-project I thought it was a good moment to retreat from my routine of excessive news-consumption. I proposed an experiment, in which I attempt to block out any form of newsmedia for an entire month, to discover what remains of me as a maker when I try to abandon this daily input -  which is basically the fuel for my engine.

As I expected, I found out it’s nearly impossible.

The wallpaper on the background of the installation shows my daily diary, and big red images that where shot in moments something penetrated my closed off bubble. On top of the wallpaper sits a neon-light, with the text ‘I Miss My Blonde Entertainers’, a self portrait with bleached hair, a drawing of a fictive front page I’d dreamt I missed, and a sequense of fading pictures shot in the forest where I used to play as a kid of the last generation withouth internet.

The project won the 2nd prize at the Somfy Photography Award
Utrecht Centraal (Utrecht, NL)

Somfy (NL)