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In 2018, Thomas Kuijpers went to Stockholm for the Unseen residency, working on a project called ‘in search of something better’.

The project started with questions about what the ideal world would look like if we try to look beyond the problems we’re facing, and more importantly, what route could take us there. As he discovered the friction that exists between the various experiences of contemporary reality, he set out to gather a wide range with points of view about this time.

Over the course of two months, Kuijpers gathered as many opinions on the contemporary problems we’re facing in Europe as well as different visions for a better world. By piecing together his recordings of conversations with locals, Kuijpers transforms monologues into an imaginary dialogue: creating a bridge between two ideas that come together, but subsequently divide and drift off into unknown territory.

Desti-, 2018
Video, 4K, 16 min
Unseen Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NL)
De Opmaat, LhGWR (The Hague, NL)
The Salamander Devours It’s Tail Twice, Gallery 46 (London, UK) 

Trouw (NL)

Unseen Promo Video by CZAR (NL w/ ENG subtitles)