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De Eerste Maandag Van De Maand, 2016 - ongoing
Video, HD - length varies

Every first Monday of the month (eerste maandag van de maand), a siren sounds in the Neth­erlands for testing purposes. A sound that is supposed to warn us for approaching danger, takes over the environment for 1 minute and 26 seconds. In 2020 the sound will ring for the last time. I started filming the sound and it’s environ­ment in 2014, and noticed the act of recording these moments gives quite an absurdist look at the connection between this sound and the environment it manifests itself in. The attached clip is a registration of the sound in November, 2015. The full work so far contains about 45 minutes of video registrations.

Paradigma II, LhGWR (The Hague, NL)
Fotopub Festival (Novo Mesto, SI)
Bieler Fototage (Bielle, CH)

Villa Next Door (ENG)
Volkskrant (NL)