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LOve HAte, 2017
tripod with 34 microphones + cables, 160cm

First Year (AKA The Trump Show), 2017

For this project, a commision from Museum Arnhem (NL) and Ruimtekoers Festival (also based in Arnhem), I assumed the role of Donald Trump. My previous project involved a lot of research into populist movents, which naturally led me to read a lot about Trump and his motives. With a question about the relevance of art in our contemporary society, and the purpose to make a approachable exhibition, I wondered what it would be like when one of the most powerful players on the world stage would have chosen to be an artist for a year, instead of the president. Method-acting as an artist you could call it. 

See here, the results of Donald Trumps first year as an artist. 

#highestcrib, 2017
oil painting on canvas (made in China),
framed, 180x81cm

#goldencrib, 2017
oil painting on canvas (made in China)
framed, 20x30cm

a trillion self portraits (all good), 2017
stack of a trillion drawings (all good) + glass pedestal, 25x100x33,7cm
see for yourself (i’m right), 2017
video-installation with live video, HD

through the roof!, 2017
giant flag, wooden structure, figure, 230cm

Ruimtekoers (Arnhem, NL)
Metronom (Modena, IT)
Art Verona (Metronom) (Verona, IT)
Chi Utopia Mangia Le Mele (Verona, IT)

Atpdiary (IT)
Exibart (IT)
Corriere di Bologna (IT)
InsideArt (IT)
Corriere Della Sera (IT)

Ruimtekoers (NL)

This project was supported by the Mondriaan Fund