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Oh Yeah!, 2016
Multimedia Installation made in collaboration with Júlio Parente (BR)

‘OH YEAH!’ consists of four different works, all four touching the overarching thematics we found in the political situations in both our home countries. In a nutshell: in both countries we see a simplification of all political discussions occurring; when in Europe the debate needs to be about our economy, the debate is distracted by immigration arguments; a debate taking place in Brazil about education is argued with corruption-statements. Because these themes are like a kind of lightning rod distracting from topics it should actually be about, these discussions are already very diffuse, and we see an increasing polarization arise with respect to the issues discussed- it is black or white, and never in between. Nuance is increasingly difficult to apply. Because it is very difficult to precisely pinpoint how this process takes place, we decided to perform various experiments that touch the edges of these abstract political developments, responding, reacting and criticizing these developments.

The first part consists of a series of slogans, which were distributed in the public space. More than 100 posters based on phrases from Enzo Jannacci's song “Quelli Che” were to be seen in the entire downtown Rio.

The second part is a video installation, in which we tried to represent the aspect of simplification. The simplest metaphor for 'struggle' could think of we found in an armwrestling contest. We filmed it and edited the video so that one arm was red and the other was completely blue. Eventually we built around it a 'triangle', where the rear was the TV with the video, the left a blue window and the right a red window. This made it impossible to get to see the whole picture- if you looked trough the blue window you would only see the blue hand, if you looked through the red one only the red hand. You could see that there was a 'struggle' was going on, but between who or what could only be seen with difficulty at a glance.

For the third part, we came up with a performance which was registered as a video. We organized a football game, a game in which almost everyone knows how it's supposed to go, and what the rules are, but we changed one element: we gave both teams an identical outfit. The game was for both players and spectators puzzling as soon as it kicked off.

The fourth part is a VR (virtual reality) experience. We collected online videos from dozens of protests which took place last year in several places in the world, and made a new composition of this found footage. By implementing all of these protests, layer upon layer, people, environment, and slogans mingle, and create a new reality, in which the viewer can move freely through a VR glasses.

Project made during the HOBRA residency, Rio de Janeiro, 2016. 
Part III - The Match
registration of performance
Part IV: The Protest
VR-Work, HD (Works best in full screen or with VR-Glasses)
Exhibition photos by HOBRA. More photo’s HERE.

Casa Lorinda (Rio De Janeiro, BR)

O Globo (BR)