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Gesture, 2015-2018

100 digital drawings, printed on 80gr paper,
framed with messing name tag +
printed email correspondence on a4

54 cm x 44 cm each

Installation Shot MoMart (Amsterdam, NL) - 2014
Install Shot MoMart, Amsterdam, 2014

Install Shot Museum Arnhem, 2016

Gesture consists of a series of drawings derived from press photographs of world leaders’ handshakes. These gestures mainly exist to be photographed, sending a rather cryptic message into the world. Comparing these with the results of academic research on hidden communicative signals enclosed in handshakes, Thomas Kuijpers analysed the gestures to come up with different conclusions. The string of companions and enemies’ handshakes gives insight in both the functions of public images and photojournalism as a medium.

The project was published in 2018 by Metronom Books.

Design by Teresa Piardi. 

Publication can be ordered HERE. 
Part of the project is acquired by Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam to be part of the permanent collection.
Part of the project is acquired by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Balconism, MoMart (Amsterdam, NL)
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Paradigma II, LhGWR (The Hague, NL)
Millennials, Museum Arnhem (Arnhem, NL)
In No Particular Order, DDW (Eindhoven, NL)
The Sound Of One Hand Clapping, Warp (St. Niklaas, BE)

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