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Fusillading, 2011
Video, PAL, 11.37 min.

Murderer (or is he?) Joran van der Sloot was presented to the press last year, when the Peruvian police took him into custody. At that time he allegedly committed a second murder. Though there was no proof yet, and in this world that means you remain innocent until proven guilty, right? But in this mediated era there are many ways to get convinced someone is guilty. We follow Joran from the moment he’s brought inside, until he is taken out of the room again. In the hall hundreds of journalists where waiting for him, and when he enters the room they start to discharge their firearms on him. Doing so they convicted him, even though he was not even charged with anything at that particular moment, just a suspect. The film consists of footage collected from that particular moment, fragments of many different TV stations, from many different perspectives. Who needs a trial when you have hundreds of reporters?

CBK (Den Bosch, NL)
Kunstenlab (Deventer, NL)
Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven, NL)
Lishui Photography Festival (Lishui, CH)

De Ondergrond (NL)
PhotoQ (NL)
Volkskrant (NL)

Stigmart Videofocus Magazine (ENG)