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EuroSpin, 2019

Object with hahnemuhle print and archival collage - 50 cm x 30 cm
That’s Delirious!, 2019-ongoing
Multimedia project

For the project That’s Delirous! (2019) Thomas Kuijpers has been observing how contemporary virtual phenomenons of concern brew and boil in a virtual atmosphere, until the moment they lash out and put their tentacles in reality. This moment where the virtual suddenly becomes a dark reality, and directly after this event instantly is compressed to being a virtuality again, is mostly interesting to him. By collecting and combining the layers of information that are shaping the narratives around these contemporary events – from preface to the actual event, to the aftermath in newsmedia and politics – Kuijpers attempts to gain insight into the chaotic and uncontrollable flows of information that nest in our minds.

Sub, 2019

Light Box w/ chalk writing and objects - 118 cm x 84 cm
Noorderlicht Photofestival (Groningen, NL)
RUIS (Nimma, NL)