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Opt for Change, 2020 (-ongoing)
Multimedia Installation

Click for change, please sign this petition, donate here, vote now, buy and support! In Opt for change Thomas Kuijpers explores the various ways ‘change’ is promoted in his personal environment. How options for a different world present themselves, and what they actually encompass. Vote, click, riot, comment. Looking at how an urge for change is presented in grey areas where traces of activism, commercialisation, and politics at times seem to be strangely intertwined, he tries to capture the difficulties of the concept of presenting and executing changes to a larger audience. Street graffiti, online surveys, scenes of everyday life and political billboards all become part of a cocktail that tries to lure the customer in a new direction, which by the abundance of it at times distorts the idea that there is any new direction at all.  

Installation shots at Unfair Amsterdam, 2020 by Lotte van Uittert

Unfair TM (Amsterdam, NL)

Unfair TM Promo