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2750/2751: A documentary novel created of newspaper clippings.

Sneha Anne Philip was declared the last official victim of the WTC attacks in 2008. The woman was reported missing on Sept. 10, 2001 and her husband was convinced she had died in the collapsing towers. He reported her as being one of the victims. When the police was finally ready to start investigating all these reports, Sneha Anne Philip was removed from the victims list because she could not be linked to the attacks. Her husband started a lawsuit against the state, trying to proof she must have been a victim and the case drew huge media attention. The police went on to investigate further, and came across the turbulent double life Shena seemed to have led: the newspapers were full of her extramarital affairs, drug and alcohol abuse. After 7 years of litigation, the court ultimately concluded that Shena should be on the list of victims after all, so she became the last victim of the WTC attacks. No. 2751.

I've been collecting all the newspaper articles that tell this story, and deconstructed them into scenes. These scenes ultimately became the chapters of a novel, which only consists of literal quotes from the newspaper reports. Within this novel we can try to get a grip on how this case came to a conclusion.

Design: Thomas Dahm

Edition of 75 - self published / SOLD OUT

CBK ('s Hertogenbosch, NL)

Witte de With - Moderation(s)
Nederlands Fotomuseum