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DISK 002, 2023
Custom archival c-print on dibond framed with files on floppy disk
99 x 88 cm / framed 102,5 x 105 cm
Unique piece

Bridge, 2023
Series of custom archival c-prints on dibond framed with files on floppy disk

How stable is an original? This question has become increasingly pressing since in the early 1990s the digital realm began to snatch more and more energy away from our physical experience. But nonetheless, a question that always occupies humanity's mind; what does an image of reality mean to this reality? From Plato's cave to databases that enable AI generated imagery, this fact seems to be getting to a point where total escalation is imminent, and we need to answer this question again.

For the Bridge project, I got to work with the first digital camera I ever saw; a Sony Mavica, which stores its images directly to floppy disk and thus, unlike all its analog predecessors, no longer creates "original matter" like a negative, slide or Polaroid but merely data. Data storage was still in its infancy, as were the sensors with which the camera was equipped, resulting in a gigantic decline in realism compared to the analog cameras of the same era. Still, the fact that it was instant data outweighed the quality of what was going to be distributed, and people shot floppies full of almost abstractly mangled images.

I took this camera throughout the year to Claude Monet's gardens, in Giverny, France. These completely directed gardens, laid out and maintained by Monet and his gardeners, were the setting for many of his masterpieces. In addition to hundreds of similar paintings of the water lilies, he also painted 24 panels showing the Japanese Bridge over the pond. I photographed this bridge (nowadays replaced by a replica) in different seasons and times of year, printed them via a special printing process to the formats of the original paintings and then framed them with the carrier of the original data.

The project was made possible by the kind support of the Mondriaan Fund, AFK, and the cooperation of Foundation Claude Monet in Giverny.

DISK 008, 2023
Custom archival c-print on dibond framed with files on floppy disk
88 x 100 cm / framed 91,5 x 117 cm
Unique piece