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Explanatory Clippings, Q4, 2015, 2014
The last quarter of 2014 I subscribed to five of the most read newspapers in the Netherlands (Volkskrant, Trouw, AD, Telegraaf and Parool), as an experiment in which I tried to get a grip on the way the same photos are explained differently in the captions of different newspapers. When going through these newspapers, I started noticing other things, and started categorizing those observations. Certain words, like ‘Jihad’ for example, made the papers nearly every day of the week, accept for Mondays for some reason. Monday was usually ‘Ebola-day’. I also started collecting ‘thugs’, ‘weapons’, ‘disasters’, and made special folders for all the pictures of national and world leaders we get to see on a daily basis. The project was split up in two different parts — Part One: Jihad, which ultimately led to the project ‘Go Jihadis’ & Part Two: The other news.
Wordcloud #1: Jihad Q4 2014 / 90 cm x 60 cm / collage of newspaper clippings

AG Kunstprijs 2015 (Eindhoven, NL)
Ram Foundation (Rotterdam, NL)
Incubarte 7 (Valencia, SP)
Brussels Art Departement (Brussels, BE)

Eindhovens Dagblad (NL)

Text about the work:
Foam Spotlight - Thomas Kuijpers: The Artist as Editor (ENG)