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White Flag / Black Flag, 2016
Video, 4K, approx. 7 min. 
Burned flag (framed), 103 cm x 157 cm

White flag burning. Black flag turning. Flags can function as symbols of nations and as representations of values and ideals. For example, a white flag represents peace and a black flag signifies anarchy. Due to its symbolic value – as a representation of a nation and specific ideals – burning a flag is considered a violation and a criminal act in many countries. This video documents the artist burning a white flag. The result of this action is a burnt piece of cloth and its black residue.

Paradigma II (LhGWR) (The Hague, NL)
In No Particular Order, DDW (Eindhoven, NL)
Millennials, Museum Arnhem (Arnhem, NL)
Photo London (London, UK)

Villa Next Door (ENG)
Volkskrant (NL)