Love Hate / Microphone stand with many many microphones, 180cm

Installation shot from First Year, Ruimtekoers, 2017

A trillion self portraits (all good) / A trillion self portraits, glass pedestal, 100 x 34 x 25 cm

See for yourself (I'm Right) / Live video installation

Through the Roof! / Giant flag + figure, 250cm

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Method Acting as an artist; Thomas Kuijpers made an exhibition from the mind of Donald Trump. What could have been the result if Trump was an artist for a year now, instead of president? On display at Ruimtekoers Arnhem until 25/11! 


Exhibitions: Ruimtekoers (NL), Metronom (IT)

Interviews: Ruimtekoers (NL)

Articles: Gazetta di Modena (IT), Corriere di Bologna (IT), ATP Diary (IT), Visitors @ Ruimtekoers (NL), Artribune (IT)