Installation View - Utrecht Down Under / 2015


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On january 29th of this year, a 19 year old man hijacked the dutch news broadcast of the NOS, the biggest news broadcaster of the Netherlands. He got into the studio with a fake gun, demanding air time to broadcast a message that, according to him, would concern everyone- but it never got to that. The security guard he took hostage on the way in lead him to an empty studio, where camera's were rolling and the microphone was on. Meanwhile, the NOS building was evacuated, and screens went black. For the first time in 60 years the channel did not run the 8-o clock edition of the news. The word spread fast, and the absence of the news became the new news. 


Video Loop / HD / 4.35 min. / (Installation version 7.30 min.)


Exhibitions: Utrecht down Under, Urban ScreenBrussels Art Departement, Bristol Art Weekender

Screenings: The Unstitute, Index Art Center Newark, FaB Festival 2015 

Reviews: Hartje Utrecht, Trouw