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Within this project commisioned by Creative Court, photographer Lana Mesic asked me along to help her out with documenting the trip and conducting interviews for her and Pieter Hugo, who also worked on the same project. The project is called Rwanda 20 years; since it was 20 years ago the genocide took place in Rwanda. We got in touch with a organisation that initiates conversations with survivors and victims of the genocide, providing a program for them which should eventually lead to forgiveness. This forgiveness was our starting point, and the people portrayed all followed the entire program. In the interviews, among others, we asked them on a scale of 1 to 10 how much they could forgive the other, and how much they could forgive themselves. 


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Lana Mesic

Pieter Hugo


Exhibitions: Atrium The Hague, Peace Palace, Het Nutshuis, International Criminal Court, Kinz + Tillou Fine Art Gallery

Publications: The New York Times Magazine, Glamour ParisParati Magazine, Marie Claire ZA, MiNDFOOD

Reviews: CBC, Filosofie Magazine, Fotografie.nl

Video: Globo

Events: Kamera Kultura