Painting #2

Installation shot from Foam 3h, 2016 © Christian van der Kooy

Collection overview (jan '15)

Collection overview (so far / nov '15)

Painting #1

Twins/ Photo Album Cover

Twins/ Photo Album pg 4-5

3D Picture in Golden Frame

Twins/ Photo Album pg 6-7

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It all started with the purchase of a painting by an unknown artist depicting the iconic image of the Twin Towers. The description only said ‘painted before 2001’. In my eyes, this painting is romanticizing the beauty of the towers, an image that after 2001 would never again come to mind after hearing the name ‘Twin Towers’. I got fascinated by this thought, and I decided to buy the painting. This lead to an extensive collection of images and objects involving the Towers as a personal attempt to reproduce the iconic image as it was before 9/11.


With his still growing collection I'm trying to reconstruct this romantic and innocent image before the new dramatic one got imbedded in our collective memory.


This is an ongoing project, submissions are very welcome! If you have a picture of yourself standing on top of the Towers, or any other Twin Towers paraphernalia, mail me!


ExhibitionsBalconism (MoMart) (NL), AG Kunstprijs 2015 (NL), LhGWR (teaser) (NL), Foam 3H (NL), Art Rotterdam (NL), Le Maga (BE), Krakow Photomonth (PL)


ReviewsPolicital Arts (ENG), Eindhovens Dagblad (NL), (ENG), The Guardian (ENG), Internazionale (IT), Fisheye Magazine (FR), De Correspondent (NL), Lovepress (ENG), (NL), Follow Art With Me (ENG), Volkskrant (NL), Clavoardiendo Magazine (SPA), PDF Magazine (PL), Rzeczpospolita (PL), W24 (PL), Tygodnik Powszechny (PL), Fotopolis (PL), Szellemkép (HU)


Text about the work: Foam Spotlight - Thomas Kuijpers: The Artist as Editor (ENG), Vice I-D (NL)