Dick -

Ingrid/Asra - “Let niet op wat andere mensen denken, maar volg jezelf.”

Martin - “Altijd open, eerlijk, en transparant communiceren.”

Willem - "Doe wat je wil, maar doe het goed.”

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Project commissioned by SSFU, for the national 'crisis' project.

For SFU (Stedelijke Fotografie Utrecht) I participated in the national 'Crisis' project, initiated by Fonds BKVB. I decided to focus on people who have gone past their crisis, and turned it into a positive outcome. Every crisis finally comes to an end, but how does that happen? That's what I wanted to ask these people. I interviewed them all, and asked them for a golden advise concerning the crisis they managed to survive. After that I organized a ceremony for all of them, hosted by Cees Grimbergen, who handed out the hand made 'survivor of the crisis'-medallions to every one of our honored guests. The freshly honored heroes where portrayed right after this moment. Audio and further descriptions in Dutch only. 

Form: 10x Audioportrait + Tin medal


Exhibitions: de Kunsthal 

Publications: Straatnieuws, Crisis! Publicatie (exhibition publication by Thijs Verbeek)

Reviews: Reformatorisch Dagblad

Video: OBA Live 21/06/2011